About Quick Auto Tags

The Quick Auto Tags Commitment

Quick Auto Tags is committed to eliminating the need for customers to have to deal with the DMV directly. Our company is dedicated to living up to the “Quick” part of our name. We strive to get our customers in and out of our office in a timely fashion, and doing it while providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations. We have a full staff dedicated to serving your California DMV related needs: from the simple, like a instant registration renewal, to the complicated, like a title reconstruction. We are here to solve your problems and make it easy!

Continuing a long-standing family tradition of superior customer service, Quick Auto Tags prevents dealers, fleet managers, and vehicle owners from wasting time at the DMV. Rely on Quick Auto Tags to handle all of your vehicle processing needs quickly and easily, the way it should be.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Experience With Quick Auto Tags



Quick Auto Tags provides the same results at the DMV, but with far faster results and with a lot less stress. The following is a list of the services provided:

  • Instant DMV registration renewal
  • Instant title transfer
  • Duplicate/replacement stickers
  • Duplicate/replacement license plates
  • Planned non-operation
  • VIN verification
  • Lien sale
  • Lien sale re-registrations
  • Diligent efforts (aka, title reconstructions)
  • Revival of a salvaged/junked vehicle
  • Legal transfers
  • Legacy plates / vanity plates
  • Commercial registration services
  • PYR (partial year registration)
  • Permanent Fleet Registration services (PFR)
  • Fleet management


Tired of waiting in line at the DMV? Let us do the work for you!

For Dealers

Selling a car? We help you get paid sooner, with our quick turnaround DMV services.

For Fleets

We make sure you stay compliant and on the road so you don't lose any money!